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Minas Gerais, the largest mining State of Brazil, now has a website with all the geological mapping projects together.

With the purpose of providing the investors more complete and organized information, “Portal da Geologia” of Minas Gerais is an initiative of Codemig, which gives faster access and search of geological information available in the georeferenced database of the State.

Created by the State Government, through Codemig, in partnership with the Institute of Geosciences of UFMG and the Geological Survey of Brazil – CPRM, it is a tool to facilitate the study of the mineral occurrences potential in the main regions of Minas Gerais.

The start of these projects occurred in 1994 and it has covered more than half of the state territory. The scale used, 1:100,000, provides a level of regional details and is used as a basic tool to know the mineral deposits and to attract investments.

In this site you can access, in shape and PDF the projects “Espinhaço’, “East”, “São Francisco”, “South of Minas”, “Quadrilátero Ferrifero”, “Alto Parnaíba” and also “the North of Minas Project”, with nine sheets mapped, which is being launched this year.

And the next project of geological mapping – “Fronteiras de Minas” – is already underway to further advance in the discovery of geological diversity of Minas Gerais.

Ahead of other states, Minas Gerais, through Codemig concludes 100% of geophysics coverage in 2013. These surveys started in 2001, distributed in 21 areas, with different degrees of priority. They show the magnetic anomalies that may indicate mineral deposits, and gama-ray datas. It is all recorded by a special aircraft with high technology.

For any clarification, please contact Codemig.

Here the user will also find publications in PDF format about The Slate Projects, Ornamental Rocks Projects and The Geological History of the West of Minas Gerais.

Portal da Geologia of Minas Gerais – increase your knowledge by going through all the information here!

Geological Mapping

The geological mapping projects of Minas Gerais have the most complete and accurate information ever produced in the State.

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Here you will find publications in PDF about the "Slate Project", "The Ornamental Rock Project" and "The Geological History of the West of Minas Gerais".

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