About Codemge

The Minas Gerais Development Company (Codemge) is a state-owned, joint stock company. The state is its main shareholder, with 99,99% of stocks. The remaining 0,01% is owned by Minas Gerais Participações (MGI).

Created in 2018, after the restructuring of the Minas Gerais Economic Development Company (Codemig), Codemge’s mission is to strategically boost the state’s economy, and its vision is to create in Minas the best business environment in Brazil.

Effective and transparent management, social responsibility, colaboration and innovation are among its values.

Codemge is Codemig’s majority shareholder, and therefore profits from Codemig’s partnership with CBMM in the exploration of niobium. Codemge’s main activities, as stated in its by-laws, are:

• Mining and metallurgy;
• Energy, infrastructure e logistics;
• Electronics and semiconductors;
• Telecommunications;
• Aeronautics, automotive, chemical;
• Defense and security;
• Pharmaceuticals and healthcare products;
• Biotechnology and environment;
• New materials and information technology;
• Computer and software systems and science;
• Creative economy, sports and tourism.

Learn more at www.codemge.com.br.

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