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Codemig: Minas grows with us

The Economic Development Company of Minas Gerais – Codemig knows the wealth of our State. Transforming them into opportunities for investments and economic development is our goal.

Created in 2003, after the change of the name of Comig and the incorporation of CDI-MG and Turminas, Codemig is a public company created as a joint stock company, controlled by the State government.

The company is part of the system led by SEDESE and works together with BDMG, Cemig, Gasmig, Indi and Jucemg.

Codemig’s main focus is on the promotion of Minas Gerais economic development, attracting and generating good business, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the state. For this, Codemig works in partnership with public institutions and the private sector in various ventures. Codemig has diversified operations, with emphasis on mining and prospection of natural gas. Also focusing on tourism, hospitality centers, fairs and exhibitions, mineral waters, industrial areas, infrastructure and logistics. Most part of the income earned by the business, Codemig is investing in projects, works and services that are improving infrastructure and bringing new investment opportunities.

Mining is one of the Codemig’s main sources of resources. Besides the exploitation of minerals, natural gas and mineral waters, Codemig invests in the generation of  geophysical and geological information to further increase the knowledge about the mineral potential of Minas Gerais, the largest mining state in the country.

Tourism is another area where the company highlights. Codemig is responsible for the maintenance and management of historic hotels, parks and resorts, which have important economic and social role to the cities where they are located. To appreciate this rich heritage of Minas, whose management is the result of public-private partnerships, many investments are made. The business tourism and events is another Codemig’s important activity. Expominas Belo Horizonte, along with Expominas Juiz de Fora, Teófilo Otoni, Araxá and São João Del Rei, under implementation, contributing to tourism in Minas is not only a source of pleasure and health, but also a great business that generates income, work and welfare. The Cultural Station President Itamar Franco is another Codemig’s business where there is a radio and TV station and one of the most modern symphonic concert halls in the world, it contributes further to position the state in the international cultural and tourist circuit.

Promote the development in all over the state, exploring the potential of each region is Codemig’s goal. For this, it stimulates the attraction of new businesses and strengthening of the industrial areas.

In the infrastructure sector Codemig invests in impotant projects that make improvements in roads of Minas and contribute to urban mobility.

A work of great prominence performed with 100% of resource from Codemig was the construction of the “Administrative City” of Minas Gerais, the current seat of the State Government. Among the benefits given by its implementation, are the highest efficiency of the state administration and the development of the north of the metropolitan area.

All these investments are commited to the economic development of the State and the welfare of the population.

After all, Codemig values what Minas has best, its potential to grow.

To learn more about it, visit: www.codemig.com.br

Geological Mapping

The geological mapping projects of Minas Gerais have the most complete and accurate information ever produced in the State.

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Here you will find publications in PDF about the "Slate Project", "The Ornamental Rock Project" and "The Geological History of the West of Minas Gerais".

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